Xabi Alonso

Alonso was signed from Real Sociedad by Rafa Benitez in the summer of 2004. Despite leaving for Real Madrid in 2009 he still is one of the most popular Liverpool players in the Premier League era.  Alonso oozed class and was at the heart of our midfield for years. I honestly think he’s appreciated more now than when he played for us. He has an outrageous passing ability, an underrated defensive game and the potential to score some sublime goals.

Alonso arrived at Liverpool, marking the beginning of a new era at Anfield under Rafael Benítez. Looking to overhaul the squad with an emphasis of skill over strength offered the team something different.

What a victory after trailing 3-0 at half time

His debut season ended in as Liverpool won the Champions League final. Many call it the greatest comeback ever, falling 3 goals behind to AC Milan.

The 2nd half was truly phenomenal. but completed a dramatic second-half comeback. Trailing 3–2, Liverpool were awarded a penalty, Dida saved Alonso’s initial penalty, but he fired the rebound into the roof of the net, 3–3. The rest is history!!

Alonso was praised for his pivotal influence on the team’s comeback, “This is the best moment in my professional career.”
Many fans remember the FA Cup 3rd round tie against Luton Town. Scoring 2 impressive goals from distance: 1 from 45 yards, and another 65 yards from goal!! From then on against Liverpool, no goalkeeper dared to drift too far off their line.

On 20 September 2006, Alonso scored another ‘outrageous strike’. This time from 70 yards out against Newcastle United. Alonso stated it was down to luck and that he took long range shots as part of his training routine.

Despite having the ability to change games and break down the opposition’s defence, when he returned from injury in December 2007, he faced competition for a place in midfield from Javier Mascherano and Lucas.

After the pursuit of Barry in summer 2008 Alonso started to feel unsettled at Liverpool and unsure of his position in the team.

Putting all the recent rumours behind him, Alonso showed how important he was to the team. He received praise for his strength of character, citing his influence as a factor in the team’s strong opening to the season.
He was involved in everything Liverpool did creatively with Opta Sports revealing he was the first Premier League player to complete 1,000 successful passes in the season.

What a legend – grace most starting XI still!!

Alonso completed his £30 million move to Real Madrid on 5 August 2009. It’s been mentioned he never wanted to leave Liverpool.
Stating his departure was due to differences with Benítez. Steven Gerrard said he was ‘devastated’ by Alonso’s decision, and said his departure as one of the reasons behind Liverpool’s poor start to the following season.

He will always be remember for his outrageous passing, so many times i was in awe of his ability to receive the ball deep then pass the ball 40 yards with pinpoint accuracy. Appearing he acted on instinct. Taking this one step further becoming the 1st Premier League player to score in their own half twice!!

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