Will Liverpool finally sign Jonas Hector?

There have been a lot of news reports over the past 24hrs about us putting in a new offer of £22.5m for Jonas Hector. Will Liverpool finally sign Jonas Hector? Some reports stating a fee has already been agreed in fact.

As I’ve previously written before in my article ‘Liverpool looking to upgrade to Hector’, I personally feel this is a must. Jurgen Klopp needs to sort this position out especially after the transfer of Brad Smith to Bournemouth. The defence is the only area that still looks weak. Despite reinforcements in the form of Matip and Klavan, it’s the full back positions that is a concern.
The video below highlights some fine examples of what we would expect from him should he sign for us.


Whats the alternative..? James Milner (bless him) has said he’s happy to be left back cover.  Whilst he will do a good job, ‘good’ is not something we should look to.

Klopp has been fine tuning his squad, making up the extra %’s wherever they can be found to ensure we are 100% ready for the start of the season.

He’s even said himself ‘no excuses’ however accepting Milner as cover is allowing those excuses to surface. Milner is one of the highest paid players at the club. Those type of players should be played in their best position, not as a make shift or utility. He had one of the highest number of Assists last season, this is his strength. He should be used him accordingly, but in the right position.

Moreno as no.1 and the ‘only one’ at left back scares me…I’m sure it does everyone. He is young, he has potential and will improve. These are qualities of the No.2 left back…not 1st choice.

As you can see from the video below, he’s not afraid to pop up and scored the odd goal either.


If we act fast and nail this transfer then what a transfer season we’d have had.

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