Supporters group asks: What is FSG’s long-term future? 

One of our leading supporters groups, the Spirit of Shankly, have questioned how much longer FSG will remain in charge of Liverpool Football Club. What is FSG’s long-term future? 

This was a point raised during the debate into the ongoing negotiations about the Anfield Road end expansion.

Spirit of Shankly asked the question; ‘You’re not going to build an extension to your house if you’re planning to move within five or six years. But only FSG can answer that question.’

What is FSG’s long-term future?
FSG – Current Liverpool owners

What is FSG’s long-term future?

It seems to have been an avoidable situation for Liverpool. Ian Ayre knows those minutes to the meetings are going to be published. John Henry knows what he says will be picked up by supporters and they will ask these questions.

Reports have stated it will take 15 years to repay any investment at the Anfield Road end of the ground. Just to compare – the Main Stand will have paid for instead in five years. This however, is due to the new corporate.

Fans perspective

This statement makes complete financial sense – we understand what they mean. From a fans perspective it’s slightly different.
There is an argument that the atmosphere in Anfield has changed with the additional 8500 seats the refurbishment of the main stand has brought.

'Thanks but no thanks..'
‘Thanks but no yanks..’

How would the atmosphere change with another 5000 supporters cheering on Klopp’s men?
The home fans are so important – they are the 12th man. Success in the league would bring the riches of European football. This alone would pay for the stand.

Excitement and pride

For a fan it’s more than financial. The excitement and pride of the area being redeveloped is something that is very personal. Local fans can see how he redevelopment has re-landscaped the area – for the better. Job security, pride and a sense of belonging to the community. Emotions a balance sheet won’t understand.

A lot of fans are asking if they see a future with FSG? Are they here for the long-term – as they profess to be – or will they sell up as soon as they get a nice offer?

What is FSG’s long-term future? They could come out and say what they’re doing. Even if they did reveal their plans would it affect us as supporters? 

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