Raymond Verheijen outbursts aimed at Klopp

Dutch fitness coach Raymond Verheijen has claimed that Jurgen Klopp’s intense training and playing style is the reason for Liverpool falling short in two finals last season.

Last season we lost the League Cup final against Manchester City in February after a penalty shoot-out. Disappointingly we then lost the Europa League final against Sevilla – after a very impressive campaign.

Verheijen has been broadcasting his thoughts and opinions as usual via Twitter.

I have attached some of his tweets throughout the article.

Latter part of season struggles

Raymond Verheijen is stating that Klopp’s style of play – full throttle, heavy metal football will result in players struggling to keep the pace for the duration of the season.

wp-1475818077273.pngWhilst he’s not the 1st person to say this – however offers little or no explanation.

His is just stating this is down to his ‘intensive training regime’.

He’s not the 1st coach to receive tweets about them.

He has also spoken about Pochettino – who is also known to focus on intense physical conditioning during the summer months.

Pochettino prefers to do this with a view of reaching full fitness by the start of the season.

When you look at the fact Spurs were almost Premier League Champions you have to question if there is any substance to his arguement.

In fact he’s expressed his opinions quite a few times about Pochettino.

Intensity within the Premier League

If you are playing in the Premier League with all these games at this extreme intensity, you accumulate fatigue over time. This is nothing new and one of the many challenges of the most intense league in the world.


A team in the relegation zone can and does often beat a top team, managers can’t field weakened sides – it simply isn’t an option.

This energy in each game is the reason it’s watched all over the world.

Typically larger squads who rotate will manage it better. But to be successful they need to spend money. United, City and Chelsea can afford this.

Liverpool and Tottenham are relying upon a world class coach, a system that works and to a certain point fortune. Most neutrals prefer this approach. Raymond Verheijen however thinks differently.

2016/17 Season

Liverpool have started the 2016/17 season really well. In fact exceeding many people’s expectations.

Consistency will be key for Klopp this season, with a lot of eyes watching if he can keep the impressive high-octane style of play all season.

So far – so good.

In fact after recording five wins from their opening seven games they have now been installed as 2nd favourites to win the Premier League. This shows the progress Jurgen Klopp and his team have made. Most though it would take 2-3 years to get to where we are now. We will have to see of Raymond Verheijen is correct!!

Raymond Verheijen

The thing that annoys me most about it is using this as a reason we failed.

I watched all the games leading up to the final. I watched the enthusiasm and energy against Dortmund and Villarreal.
We failed our League games around these key European ties because Klopp as being selective with his team.

Losing against Swansea was not down to fatigue or injury cover up as ‘cramp’ it was just we weren’t good enough. Those selected as our 2nd choice weren’t good enough.


European Cup Final

Against Sevilla you could see the disappointment on everyone’s faces. They looked as if they could and would’ve played on. But as a result of errors, some blame Moreno we lost. Not fatigue – errors.

These are the things Klopp’s been working on. His triple training sessions haven been happening all season.

He knows what he’s doing. His set up is immense.

He got us to 2 finals because of passion, enthusiasm and determination. This has been the same at Dortmund. He won’t change – why should he.

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