Too harsh to say that Can should be moved on? 

After another awful display against Southampton where Emre Can was terrible again a lot of Liverpool fans want him sold. Is it too harsh to say that Can should be moved on? 

During the game against Southampton Can had a lot of the ball, with a high percentage of completed passes, but non that actually created an opportunity to speak of. When playing against teams who park the bus he had little or nothing to offer Liverpool in their attack. Against teams who do that we need more movement, more energy and something Wijnaldum can offer in abundance. By comparison Can is sluggish, immobile and slow.

Last season Can really embraced Klopp’s style of play. Under Klopp’s leadership he took it onto a new level, where he influenced the style of play in a much deeper position. Flexing his muscles with driving runs forward, causing devastation to the opposing defence. Whilst he is a versatile player, he adds real value to the team when playing in a deep midfield role.

Last season his power and poise allowed him to control the pace of games, spreading the play, moving the play forward when the time is right or just slow the game down to allow our players time to get into position.

This season he has just shown glimpses of this ability, he currently slows down our play, loses the ball and really struggles when we’re trying to break down the stubborn defences. Klopp believes in him – he’s made very public declarations of this. With age on his side he really sill has a lot to offer. 

However for fans wanting him out is probably a step too far. He is a talent, he’s demonstrated this on more than one occasion in the past. Surely the answer if for him to be dropped from the first-team until he gets hiis mojo back. A spell on the U23s may help him get himself back together.

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