The summer building begins

Oh how our season could have ended on a high.
It was such an awful start to the campaign with a manager intent on playing a young central midfielder as a false full back and an inexperienced central defender as a full back. It was unsurprising it yielded the results it did.

I’d appreciate it if the manager was new and had no time to adjust or buy new players…..but this wasn’t the case.


Then along came Jurgen. The ‘normal one’, winning everyone over with his wit and charm. A new chapter at Anfield had begun. The fans finally had optimism for a bright future.

Knowing how he turned Dortmund around, we were all hoping to climb the league and mount a serious challenge, getting carried away with the euphoria of it all.

Dust has now settled..

Fast forward 7 months, the dust has settled and Klopp would now have had plenty of time to see who will fit in with his demanding schedule. Klopp expects 110% dedication. To out run every opponent, chasing every avenue, recognising the difference between success and failure is minimal.

It is now the summer. It’s time to show his ruthless streak as his rebuild begins, with only 2 months to put his plan in place before the season kicks off.

It’s hardly surprising that triple sessions to improve everyone’s fitness levels has been put in place.

Sort out the defence 1st..

But where does he begin? A priority has to be defence. The transformation has already begun with the signing of Matip. Young, athletic and a good ball playing defender.

I’m sure we’ll see an upgrade of Moreno too. After what happened on Wednesday, for me he just highlighted what we all knew. Great attacking but awful defending.
Yes the modern full back has to be fast and provide the width at every opportunity, but the 1st priority has to be to defend…

Klopp has always publicly backed his players. Amazing man management as this will have provided the morale so badly needed especially against some of the big teams.

Privately Klopp must really have felt let down.

We can compete

Publicly he has said that his squad can compete with the big teams. At times he has been right. However against some teams they have just seemingly given up.

This is not the mettle Klopp expects from his team.
Full throttle, heavy metal football is something we’ve demonstrated. But the end result has never matched the effort.

This shows that the group there are improvements needed.
Some are not just not good enough to meet the high standards of what is expectedimage

There are elements of genuine quality within the young squad with Philippe Coutinho,  Emre Can and Roberto Firmino being the 3 that come to mind. Something we can all really look forward to.

Sadly none of them showed it in the final.

“The team will be a different team, that is clear, and we will do something with transfers that’s sure”

World class players to arrive…surely?

I’d love to see some world class players arrive. But I honestly don’t think that is his style. He is a manager who turns great players world class.

We have seen what he has done with Lovren and Lallana, both look different players now and you can really see why we bought them in the 1st place.

In his first transfer window at Borussia Dortmund, Klopp sold 17 players and signed 13 new players. He’s not afraid to make wholesale changes quickly.

Such drastic action serves as a warning to his players that regardless of status within the group, he will be unforgiving in his pursuit of achieving success.

Whilst I hope there isn’t another summer to upheaval, it’s comforting to know that we have a manager who is not afraid…not worried about what may happen….he has the conviction to just carry out his plans.

Awkward questions will start to be asked of Simon Mignolet and Christian Benteke as neither have looked comfortable during the campaign.

A defensive midfielder is really needed. Someone who can just break up the play and start an attack from the back. Someone who could possibly work alongside or in tandem with Can.

There is plenty of dead wood that needs to be removed;
Adam Bogdan, Martin Skrtel, Lucas Leiva, Luis Alberto and Mario Balotelli.

Gotze? Hector?

There have been so many names mentioned…
One thing is for sure. We are in a better position than we were 12 months ago.

Financial stability due to our wonderful commercial team. Coupled with the additional funds from Sky and BT sport means we can financially compete with most of Europe.

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