Liverpool welcome a new Anfield

09/09/2016 0

Liverpool FC unveiled today what will be the 6th biggest stadium in England to the press and media. They welcome a new Anfield.

A massive summer expansion campaign has seen the large new main stand rise and dominate the local skyline.
Taking Anfield’s capacity from 45,362 to a new confirmed capacity of 54,074.

This takes Anfield to no.6 in the charts thanks to the additional 8,000 seats being added this summer.

Welcome a new Anfield..

Owners John W. Henry and Tom Werner both attended the event. Which also saw Jurgen Klopp and an array of Anfield Legends attend.

Could the extension become the catalyst to a new era at Anfield. Well the owners certainly think so and in having Klopp as the captain they have the right man to steer the ship into battle..