Sun newspaper banned from Anfield 

Amazing news today that Liverpool have now officially banned the Sun newspaper from attending all club matches at Anfield. This is due to the controversial paper’s coverage of the Hillsborough Disaster. The ban also extends to any press conferences at Melwood training ground.

The popular supporters campaign ‘Total Eclipse of The S*n’ has been instrumental in reaching an agreement with the football club hierarchy to implement the new ruling. The campaign group “Total Eclipse of The S*n” – together with “Shun the S*n”, a group that splintered off from TEoTS – and its active social media backing have encouraged over 210 outlets in the city to stop selling The Sun. These outlets range in size, from small newsagents to all 11 Asda stores on Merseyside, as well as selected Morrisons, Tesco and Marks & Spencer stores. While previous campaigns concentrated on consumption, the emphasis is now on supply.

Football club decision

​Liverpool Echo reported that: “the total ban is the result of high-level discussions between Liverpool FC officials and the Total Eclipse of The S*n campaign and kicks in with immediate effect.”

The campaign gathered pace last year after the Hillsborough inquests ruled that the 96 had been unlawfully killed and cleared fans of any blame.

Following the announcement the ‘Total Eclipse of The S*n’ group tweeted:

“Further to conversations with LFC directors we are happy to inform you that S*n journalists are no longer enjoy access to all club premises.”

The decision is based on the infamous coverage immediately after the 1989 disaster – four days from when 96 people were killed during a fan crush at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough Stadium.

The newspaper’s notorious ‘The Truth’ front page made untrue and deeply hurtful accusations about the actions of Liverpool supporters during the disasters.

Campaign groups have also enjoyed full backing from the Liverpool City Council to stop selling the paper within the city, and banners adorned with ‘Don’t Buy The S*n’ are common place across Merseyside.

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