Suarez on Gerrard: “like an older brother.”

Steven Gerrard received praise from around the football world after he announced his retirement on Thursday. One in particular that was incredibly touching was from Luis Suarez. Thanking Steven Gerrard for being “like an older brother”.

Gerrard and Suarez really had a special relationship, something that blossomed very quickly. In fact to the point where Gerrard has recently named Suarez as the best player he’s played with.
Suarez speaks about Gerrard’s influence on him off the pitch, referring to the summer of 2013 when the Uruguayan sought a move away from Anfield only for Gerrard to persuade him to stay. “You were always with me even when some others were not.”

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Suarez’s message in full:

“To a captain, to a team-mate, to a friend,”

“I got to Liverpool, a historic club, coming from another historic club. And amongst my team-mates, Steven Gerrard. A model of the club, in the Premier League and outside the championship as well. He shrunk the field on defence, was a great shoot and a great goalscorer and was a very skilled passer. A unique player indeed.

“As weeks went by Steven showed himself as a true leader. He was a natural and an ambitious player on the field and a good and consistent team-mate off the field. He was always of great support and that me lots of valuable things while pulling the best from me.

Gerrard with Suarez

“Thank you very much Steven. For being by my side during my career’s tougher times. For supporting me no matter what and gifting me advice so many times. Our relationship goes beyond the football field. You were always with me even when some others were not. So many chats, so many times you helped me reconsider situations, and always in order to teach me – like an older brother teaches his younger one.
“We went through so much together and fought for big things to come for our club. This will be imprinted forever in my memories.

“My friend. YNWA.”

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  1. I really enjoyed watching those 2 play together. Him and Torres were my favourite forwards.
    Can’t believe how close we came to winning the league though.

    • I agree – it was a great season when they challenged for the Premier League title.
      This season could be just as good, but you have a feeling it’s a team effort rather than the brilliance of 2 world class individuals.


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