“Sturridge will come through this difficult patch”

I am so glad to hear that Jurgen Klopp has come out stating he believes that Sturridge will come through this difficult patch of form to be a better player. Amazing – he must be cloud nine now!!

To be a great striker it’s all about confidence. Confidence that you can beat the final man, confident that you have the ability to take him on. Confidence that when you do you will score! But it’s a 2-way street. The team and manager needs to be confident in your ability.

Daniel Sturridge is class – there is no doubt about that. If you had to bet on him scoring on 1 on 1 situation, 9 times out of 10 he would and you’d be right to bet with him. Sadly at the moment he is going through a purple patch – you can sense he has little or no confidence. It must be hard to see the team actually play better when he’s actually on the bench. It wasn’t long ago he was the main man!

During the recent press conference Jurgen Klopp highlighted pointed to the likes of Robert Lewandowski to emphasise his point; “It is a very useful moment in his career. A big name Lewandowski. There were times when he didn’t score”.

September Manager of the Month winner is not happy with the re-scheduled game.
September Manager of the Month winner

“This moment is a good moment for Dan. It is not easy. Most of his time in his life, football has been so easy because he is so skilled. The right moment, easy goal, simple goal. Every player struggles with this or this. Little problem here, little problem there.

“We had a game against Manchester United and, yes, it was not easy for him. We didn’t play well, he didn’t play with 100 per cent confidence.

“Make a shooting exercise and there are still tears in your eyes when you see it and you are like ‘f—ing hell. That is unbelievable’, but then you see the games. There are no easy one, two, three situations where he could have scored.”

Klopp has however chosen Roberto Firmino’s goal against Leicester as his favourite goal of the season so far: “(His) goal against Leicester was the goal of the season so far because it was the kind of movement that we have been working so hard on.” 

“Then you see it come off – especially from a striker who doesn’t score enough for his self-understanding or in the public view. He makes this way, out of the box, to take two defenders with him and then it opens everything. It is a sign of development.”

When will we see the dance again? I hope soon..

Least it gives us all an indication on what Sturridge needs to do.

It’s all about the movement off the ball. The good news is that Lewandowski was Klopp’s main man – together they destroyed the German league.

It must be comforting for Sturridge to know that.

We all know you are so close to getting there – I’m hoping he’s given an opportunity against West Brom today. Hopefully if we’re winning by half time he can come on and grab a few in the 2nd half. That will really boost the much needed confidence. Sturridge will come through this difficult patch – YNWA


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