Shearer: I’d play for Liverpool

There is no doubt that Alan Shearer is a living legend. The 46-year-old still holds the record for the most goals scored in Top flight English football. Scoring a massive 260 times. Taking him 441 games to do so. He was part of the original SAS (Sutton and Shearer) that won Blackburn the title. 

He is now a well-respected BBC match of the day pundit. So what he says pretty much goes. 

What’s he said? 

Match of the Day comments;

Firmino played a more orthodox centre-forward

“Roberto Firmino played a more orthodox centre-forward role today. Everything he did was excellent. He held the ball up well, he ran in behind, he linked up play and found himself in goalscoring positions as well.
Watford could not cope with him and he got the goal that his performance deserved. Liverpool were breathtaking in attack. The front three normally have freedom to go anywhere. It was a bit different today, but it was a nightmare for Watford.”

Comments about Liverpool’s scoring;

“Thirty goals in 11 games shows you how good they are going forward, but it will have hurt not keeping a clean sheet. They have only got one this season. There will be days when the forwards can’t score and they will need to depend on the defence.”

Who he’d play for now?

He had no hesitation in choosing Liverpool when he was asked which club he would join now if he could come out of retirement. 

“At the minute, it would have to be that Liverpool team.”

BBC pundit Alan Shearer

He then went on to say;
“The number of chances that they create, the way they play, they’re exciting. They’re pacy, the way they hit teams on the break.”

Then i think someone reminded him of the high press and high energy approach.  “As long as I can stay in the box and put all those chances away then it would be the Liverpool team of the minute.”

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