Redevelopment of Anfield really taking Liverpool to the next level

It’s exciting news at Liverpool at the moment. Anfield’s redevelopment phase 1 is almost complete. Looking at the photos it looks truly amazing.

Taking Liverpool to the next level

This will take the capacity to just over 54,000. Closer to the sweetspot of 60,000 that the owners wanted. This will bring in an additional £20m per season in revenue. Thanks to the extra 8,500 seats, including 4,500 corporate seats.

There could be more money coming our way with a potential additional £5m due to naming rights of the stand. The owners want to keep the name ‘Anfield’ but are looking at alternative revenue streams.

U23 squad training in front of the crowd during the testing evening..

Liverpool will now also be able to host international and European Finals in the future. UEFA state the ground must hold a minimum of 50,000 and corporate facilities must be of a good standard.

Remember that should phase 2 be implemented successfully, then it will take the capacity to 58,800.

A stadium for the community..

I am so pleased that they have decided to redevelop the area of Anfield as well as the stadium. It is part of the community and something the city should be proud of.

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Great news for the area is that the city council have now released some really exciting new images of how they hope the area of Walton Breck Road and the area outside The Kop will look. They look amazing

Taking Liverpool to the next level
Artists impressions of the Main stand and The Kop..

They are really going to be taking it to the next level and creating an community area the rest of the city would be proud of.

Away fans are going to be in for a shock when they arrive at the ground.

Further plans within the area

The planners are looking to widen all the pavements within the area. Any abandoned building will be destroyed. Creating a modern environment which for some will not be recognisable.

There have been news reports the the whole of the project would cost around £260 million. In fact it’s such a big project that there was enough steel used to build another 2 Blackpool Towers!!

Anfield at night during the test evening..
Anfield at night during the test evening

Included within the area will be new shops and homes for the community. They are also keen for new apartments to be built.

This is great news as over the decades people have been leaving the area as Liverpool FC have slowly been buying house by house ready to develop.

Looking after the next generation of budding Liverpool stars they are also building new outdoor spaces. With such an amazing stadium on your doorstep, who wouldn’t want to play there?!?

What do the people in charge say?

Statement from Brian Cronin, Housing Group Chief Executive: “Anyone visiting Anfield in the last year can see the improvements which have already been made.”

View from the new entrance looking out onto the new walkway
View from the new entrance looking out onto the new walkway

“Much has also been done through the delivery of new-build homes and the imaginative refurbishment of traditional terraces. We can already see the brighter Anfield which is emerging.”

Statement from Ian Ayre, CEO:  “Whilst the work on our new Main Stand is approaching completion, we recognise that the creation of a new high street would be transformational for the area, attracting new jobs and creating new businesses. It would make Anfield a better place to live, work and visit.”


  1. Really? The Emirates Stadium is soulless, awful when I watched us play Arsenal at the start of the season. Anfield has has an amazing atmosphere by comparison – now even better since it’s been extended.

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