Paul Pogba: Will history repeat itself?

Watching the Euro 2016 and seeing France play as they have, you have to question if the situation with Paul Pogba will become a regular occurrence. Will history repeat itself due to the finances and pressure of the premier league?

Sure he’s a class player and probably one of the best central midfield players in the world. However it hasn’t always been like that.

After arriving at Manchester Utd an incredibly talented 16-year old he was really keen to impress and put his stamp on the Premier league.

Frustrated at Man Utd..

However after 2 frustrating years at Old Trafford he left for Juventus to pursue 1st team football.

Sir Alex was all well aware of his ability, but was reluctant to select him ahead of some poor performing ‘stars’. The rewards on offer far outweighed the gamble…The final nail in the coffin happened when right back Rafael was selected in midfield rather than him.
How many times have you heard that tale? Or something similar?

Money talks. With our league worth so much money then failure is not an option…managers are now often too frightened to often take a gamble. So much so that Mourinho is putting an offer in for £120m for Pogba. That’s phenomenal. What a big mistake to make.

Having a manager to manage the talent coming in is often a difficult task. Look how David Moyes didn’t cope when at Man Utd. He’s a great coach, but the expectations of a top team are different. Pep Guardiola is perfect for Man City, but can you imagine him managing a mid-table team…?

We have Klopp….Liverpool have the budget to match the top teams, but no lure of European football. We do have a top coach who will sit on talent, nature and make them great.

Will history repeat itself…?

To see the about of money being spent you have to question “is this why our national team failed at Euro 2016?”

Possibly – if the top young talent from either UK or abroad getting missed then how can we compete?

Something has to change before we see another young Pogba get snapped by our European friends.

I’m sure legislation will change as discussed in Brexit in Football, for some it can’t happen quick enough.

I’m like most fans and would love youth to be given a chance, however cast a green eye at our Premier League competitors when they’re continuously linked with big money moves, you can’t have both?

Or can you?

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