Origi now 1st choice Liverpool striker?

After recent performances you have to question is Origi now 1st choice Liverpool striker? Jurgen Klopp has a lot of difficult decisions to make over the coming season and I’m convinced the thought has crossed his mind.

Daniel Sturridge

I am not complaining about Daniel Sturridge and his ability, far from it. The guy oozes class and is someone who has to stay at Liverpool. It’s just that with Origi you get the feeling that he’s going to be special. Whilst a feeling like that doesn’t warrant an automatic 1st place you have to take into account how far he’s come and what he’s achieved in the past 2 seasons.

Sturridge being replaced by Origi in a game last season

After signing Origi from Lille in the summer of 2014 he was then sent back on loan for the following 12 months. Part of the deal, which is why the price was as ‘low’ as it was.

He had an indifferent season where he was selected as a member of L’Equipe Ligue 1 worst team of the season.

This I’m sure sent rumblings throughout the Liverpool fans….”thanks Brendan who have you bought here…”

How did Klopp manage the situation?

One of the 1st things that Klopp did when he took over as manager of Liverpool was stating that Origi was someone he’d been chasing at Dortmund.

Origi about to get the famous Klopp cuddle

Whilst there have been similar stories about Benteke, this was a great sign of man-management giving him the confidence to trust his own ability whilst also forgetting the previous season.

Part of his training was to bulk up after Klopp acknowledged he was getting knocked off the ball too easily.

Then in the new year we saw a new Origi. A new figure of the man he’s about to become…no longer getting knocked about, instead doing the knocking himself.

Jurgen Klopp: FSG sign their no.1 summer target.


Origi now 1st choice Liverpool striker?

Going back to the original point, about Origi now 1st choice Liverpool striker. Is he good enough to replace Sturridge as Liverpool’s no.1 striker. The signs were already there at the end of last season. Against Dortmund preferring him…how did he repay the faith….you know how. We all know that game..

They are both talented strikers, both do offer a different approach to play. Sturridge has a sweet shot on him. His fitness will always play a part in it. But Origi….he’s raw…he’s strong….he’s direct…he is now developing the return on goals per game we need. He’s already said it’s ‘Team Spirit’ not big name signings he’s after.

Once he realises that he’s as good as Klopp knows he is we will all be witnessing what Klopp does best. He doesn’t buy it…he develops it.

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  1. Think he has a lot of potential. Still very young and Klopp really does have a lot of time for him.
    He’s managing his game time we’ll and I’m convinced he will repay it shortly!

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