New King in town….Who will rule, Jose or Pep?

New king in town

When Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola managed Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively they couldn’t share La Liga. The rivalry between the 2 of them was so intense.

Just imagine how they will get on sharing the city of Manchester…?
A history that started when Mourinho was on the coaching staff at Barcelona where Pep was the kingpin in the team.

Surely regardless of whether they win the Premier League title, they have to finish higher than their rival?
Coming 2nd in the League and to City is not on the agenda at the United board when they decided to go after Mourinho.

United have just sat back and watched City get bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger over the years. It must be frustrating….

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New king in town

Then City pulled the Guardiola card out and announced to the world their level of intent for the forthcoming season.
“We want to topple Barcelona off the top so we now have appointed your prodigal son to achieve this level of ambition…”

They had just spent £250m with van Gaal and are still behind. Leicester had just won the League and Utd were miles away.

Wrong signings? Team not motivated? van Gaal losing the dressing room?
Something had to change….

Who else could ruffle the feathers of Pep…but Jose himself.

The pressure cooker has been turned up..
There is only enough space in the City for one king….who will it be?

It is going to be an interesting season. I can’t wait for the 1st Manchester derbies. I’m sure they will be a tactical masterclass regardless of the venue.

Bring it on…

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