José Mourinho’s bus prevents Liverpool’s juggernaut 

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Liverpool and Man Utd played out a rather uneventful draw on what was a disappointing Monday night at Anfield. As Mourinho’s bus prevents Liverpool’s juggernaut going to the top.
A 5th successive Premier League win would have taken us joint top with Guardiola’s City. However Mourinho brought his Utd bus with him and destroyed all hope.

It was a typical ‘Mourinho performance’ with United not allowing  Liverpool an opportunity to build the momentum and intensity that has almost become their blueprint this season.
The downside to this was it really reduced United’s opportunities to attack.

Was it a masterclass of defensive organisation and discipline? Or was it United now accepting that 1 point at Anfield is a victory – despite taking 3 last year!

Showing the shift of power between the 2 clubs. With Mourinho reverting to type and cancelling out Liverpool’s ambition.

Mourinho's bus prevents Liverpool's juggernaut
Mourinho’s bus prevents Liverpool’s juggernaut

Mourinho said: “It is not the result we wanted but it is a positive result. It is a result that stops a direct opponent getting three points at home, so not a bad result.”

“The game was difficult for both teams but for longer periods it was more difficult for them than us.”

Mourinho does have to be thankful for the sheer excellence of David de Gea, with 2 fine second-half saves. Diving low to stop Emre Can and an athletic save to deny Philippe Coutinho’s 25-yard shot.
Again proving that United’s best recent signing was the IT guy who broke the fax machine with Da Gea’s transfer documents to Real Madrid in them.

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United had just 35% of possession – their lowest recorded in a Premier League match. “We controlled the game not just tactically but the emotion of the game, that was probably the quietest Anfield I had and I was expecting it to be the other way.”

Mourinho has to be thankful for the sheer excellence of David de Gea, with 2 fine second-half saves

Liverpool have only failed to score in 2 of their 18 home Premier League games under Klopp – both against United.

At the final whistle Klopp came on to the pitch to think the Anfield faithful. It’s always so nice to see at the end of each game.

Deep down you knew he was disappointed.

“I am not frustrated but I am not happy with the performance. No-one will show this game in 10 or 20 years but we could have played better.”

“It was a hectic game, interrupted here and there, but we lost patience with our passing game. The attitude of my team was really good.”

How can Klopp get Sturridge working his way? 

There is a lot for Klopp to think about before our next game on Saturday against West Brom.

It was another game that Liverpool were a much better team with Adam Lallana in instead of Daniel Sturridge. The team do seem to play better with the power and pace that Wijnaldum provides.

Liverpool have been formidable at the start of the season. Almost pressing our opponents into submission – a high-pressure style that has brought victories this season against Arsenal and Chelsea. Also not forgetting 9 goals against Leicester City and Hull City.

Emre Can was glad to be back in the 1st team however admits Liverpool ‘didn’t keep the ball too well’ but believes we were the better side and deserved to win the match.

Mourinho told Sky Sports: “They are not the last wonder of the world, like you like to say they are, but they are very good team.”

“It was more difficult for them than it was for us. We kept control of the game for long periods. In the first half, we were completely in control. In the second half, David De Gea made two great saves but it was out of context.”

What next?

How do Liverpool overcome Mourinho’s tactics of picking a powerful, athletic side. Are we going to see a repeat of this during the season? Are other teams drilled enough to retain their shape and discipline enough to grind out a draw when they travel to Anfield?

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