Liverpool’s Sadio Mane is becoming a key player..

It really is starting to look like Sadio Mane is becoming one of Liverpool’s key players.

I must admit I was disappointed we didn’t sign Gotze. I honestly thought that he’d really help us achieve our main goals this season.
Then we were linked with Sadio Mane. This didn’t cause a lot of media hype when we duly signed him. Which is often a good thing as the level of expectation is lower. Sometimes the unnecessary hype creates pressure for the player to perform.

Mane is becoming a key player..

I remember how he came off the bench last year and destroyed us….quite literally ran us ragged. Liverpool have been lacking a wide man with pace for a long time. Milner is great at crossing but not fast.

Mane become a key player for Liverpool
Mane receiving the ball ready to start another attack..

Lallana is skillful but lacks the pace and consistent crossing ability. His main skill is pressing, recycling and unlocking the creative players. Much like Henderson and similar to Wijnaldum.
Mane’s big strength is his dribbling ability. He has extremely close ball control and some nifty footwork. What I have noticed is his impressive turn of pace. He is now becoming a nightmare for defenders to deal with.

Natural ability..

He has a fantastic ability to ghost past defenders due to his swift movement. This allows him to create more or get into some good goalscoring positions.

It’s at times almost as if he’s toying with them. Utilising his skill to allow others to get into position of the defender to make a mistake. Defenders unsure if he’s going to go around them or cut onto his left. Both just as effective.

These main points are why he would be considered a direct threat and key to the Liverpool attack.

Would he be an automatic starter?

Lallana is best known for his ability to operate the press and consistently win back the ball for his side. Mane would be much more of an attacking focal point, while offering a presence in the final third that Lallana does not appear capable of.
Last season we had so many opportunities to score…now with Mane we have that extra, rather different cutting edge.

What do you think?
Can Man help us challenge for 4th place?


    • Goals will come in time.
      He’s a great player and really fits into the team that Klopp is slowly creating.


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    • That’s excellent news.
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  2. Think Mané will be our player of the season.
    He’s quality – much better than at Southampton last season.

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