Luke Degilbert: Future star in the making

Over time football has got a lot of bad press, players and agents just in it for the money, talks of the average fan unable to attend games due to ticket pricing, but just around the corner there is a good news story. wp-1470304510509.jpg

Let me introduce you to Luke Degilbert who is a massive Liverpool FC fan and is busy preparing for his season with Newport Dragons Disabilities Football Club. Training sessions are held every Sunday afternoon at the Newport Velodrome.

South Wales Argus: County Fan Luke thriving for dragons.

Stating that football does help his autism he really enjoys his football training. “my team mates have disabilities too, but we don’t take it too seriously…”

He likes to play as a striker and is keen to pop up scoring as many goals as he can, however is a big team player who is equally as happy to play in defence.

Luke in training

Interview with Luke

How long have you been a Liverpool fan for? I’ve been a fan since 2005, when we won the champions league. Alonso and Gerrard scored and it was an historic moment.

What are your future ambitions? My ambitions are to keep doing well in my football at Newport Dragons Disability football. Also, to earn a place in Wales disability squad and score as many goals as i can.

Who has been your inspiration for your football? My inspiration to football has to be Pele, because he had the talent and he was fantastic to watch.

Growing up who was your favourite player? It’s gotta be Pele or Roberto Carlos.

How do you think Liverpool will do this season? I think maybe a top 4 finish if we do well.

What do you think of Jurgen Klopp as our leader? He’s a comedian, ha ha, i think he’s a good manager and i think Liverpool will do well this season with the likes of Klaven, Wijnaldum, Karius and of course Mane.

Jurgen Klopp: A special revival.

You recently won an award, what was that for? It was outstanding award, which was for hard work put in since i got back with the club, and hard work i have been putting in training.

Luke receiving his recent award

When asked the trending topic about who he’d pick out of Origi or Sturridge as no.1 striker Luke was very quick in his reply. “I would start with both, they are good players and will score us the goals, i think they will gel well together.”

Who would you have as captain, Henderson, Can – a firm favourite to take it or Lovren? I would give it to Lovren, he’s more vocal and is a good defender.

Future for Luke

When Luke hangs up his boots he would love to go into coaching, with an ambition to coach the Welsh football team.

Please check out the Newport Dragons DFC facebook page – it really is worth a look.



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