Lovren reflects upon time as a migrant 

In a recent interview with Joe.co.uk Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren has bravely opened up about his childhood during the Bosnian War. Discussing the time he spent as a refugee in Germany after fleeing war-torn Yugoslavia. 

He was just a toddler when his family packed up and left Yugoslavia to move to Munich.

Lovren explained: “I was quite small. I was just three years old so my memories are mainly playing with other kids. We would be outside picking the carrots out of the ground and things like that, the kind of stuff that was normal for children who grew up in ordinary places all over the world. But my strongest memory was very different.”

Lovren migrant
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“Something I will never forget”

“I was at home with my mother and we heard the sound of the air raid sirens. It was really scary. She took me in her arms to protect me and we went downstairs to the basement.”

“My mum was crying and all we could do was hide. That is something I will never forget. How could I? After that we went into a small car, a Yugo, and my uncle drove us to Germany. That is how I became a refugee.”

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“Big decision for my parents”

There has been a lot in the news recently about the migrant crisis so it would naturally be very difficult to talk about, Lovren highlighted how emotional his family can be at times like this.

He was only a young boy so has to rely upon close family to make sense of the tragedy. He added: “Of course I have spoken to my parents about what happened a few times because it is natural that you will want to know more but when I ask my mum she starts to cry.”

“It is harder for me to understand because I was only a child but her emotions tell me everything that I need to know about how difficult this time was for her and for us as a family.”

“It was a big decision for my parents to go to Germany. We went with practically nothing apart from the clothes that we were wearing. We had no bags. Nothing. My father stayed behind in Bosnia for a couple of weeks; I’m not sure exactly why but maybe he had some things to take care of before he could join us, like selling the house so at least we would have something.”

Lovren is now proving to young migrants across Europe that things can get better. He is at Liverpool – a top European club, what an amazing icon. This just shows that hard work and determination, with the right talent you can make it.

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