Liverpool’s Lovren not afraid of anyone


Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren has insisted that they  aren’t afraid of any of their big-name rivals for the Premier League title this season.

He has also admitted that in order for them to be successful they need to reduce the amount of mistakes they make on the field.

This includes the errors made recently against Crystal Palace. Although he made up it by scoring a goal!  

Quoted in the Mirror over the weekend he said;  “I think we have shown this year that we can play against the big teams, we are not scared. It’s just….I think the biggest opponent for us is us.”

“It was a game with ups and downs, especially the first half. I was angry. I was definitely angry. The lads asked me in the dressing room ‘what did you want to do when you scored the goal’. I said I wanted to jump into the crowd. I don’t know why.”

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Lovren now forming a great partnership with Matip

Wanted to score a goal

“Yeah, in with the Palace fans. I don’t know, just to be, I didn’t know what to do. I would say I didn’t deserve this, you know, I said to myself it’s not possible, I am working too hard to do a mistake and to lose the game.”

You have to commend his attitude though; “I just forgot and i keep on moving on and I said I was angry and I wanted to score.”

Lovren has settled in the club a lot more over the past 6 months, Klopp is having a great influence on him as he’s now consistently performing better than last season. He is now forming a good defensive partnership with Matip – he’s actually looking like the defender we signed from Southampton now!

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