Liverpool’s Can: “Klopp is crazy!!”

Liverpool Midfielder Emre Can has revealed how Jürgen Klopp has brought the fear factor back to Anfield.
Despite knowing what to expect from Klopp having played against Borussia Dortmund in Germany he actually labels Klopp as ‘Crazy’.

Liverpool are a very different side to the one 12 months ago. I remember when they were beaten at home by Crystal Palace, the result sparked a mass walk-out from a lot of very disgruntled fans.
After that game Klopp questioned his players. Questioning their desire to play for the club – hardly surprising some have now moved on. Can said: “I knew before that he was a little bit crazy — positive crazy — and that is how he is.”

Fortress Anfield

Anfield used to be a fortress. Opposing teams and fans hated coming to Anfield. Last season this wasn’t the case, it had lost the fear factor. Stories of how Klopp instructed his players to never touch the famous ‘This is Anfield’ sign by the steps to the pitch until they were fit to emulate hero’s of the past.

This season Klopp ’s title challengers look a very different proposition, and Can believes Fortress Anfield is a combination of the players getting the manager’s message and the amazing level of fitness he demands.

Klopp is crazy
Emre Can with Jürgen Klopp

Fittest team

“It takes time to play that style the manager wants, and now he is longer than one year here we know what he wants from us.”

“Pre-season was very hard. I remember the manager saying that the target was to be the fittest team in the league. If you look at the statistics, we are the best for high intensity. We run a lot of kilometres. I think every game I run more than 11 kilometres – I think that is enough!”

“If teams come to Anfield, they don’t think they will win the games easily. It is not nice to play against us. I know that, because when I used to play against a Jurgen Klopp team in the Bundesliga it was never nice.”

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“They counter-pressed. If you had the ball, the opponent is coming and you have to play quickly. That is what I think teams are thinking about us.”

Can celebrating his goal against Crystal Palace

Target to be champions

Can admits that the target is to become Premier League champions. “I think everyone knows we have a very strong squad and we have confidence enough that we say we want to win titles.”
“We want to make history but it comes from hard work, it comes from belief and from confidence. There’s a long way to go.”

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