Liverpool’s change is summed up nicely through Adam Lallana.

Liverpool are changing. Slowly but surely right in front of the whole world they are changing.
Klopp said that he wanted his team to run over 110km each game.
Most of us thought he was crazy…surly not. Why would he want the team to do that?

Lallana is now changing and adapting well to Klopp’s style of play.

Klopp’s 1st game in charge was against Tottenham. Liverpool ran hard and pressed high throughout the game. Possibly too hard with the physical expectations really affecting the squad.
This was clear for all to see on Lallana’s face. He was simply exhausted, collapsing into Klopp’s arms.

Over time under Klopp’s careful eye Lallana has become key to Liverpool’s pressing game.
With the recent formation change to 4-3-3 he’s been playing a more central role.

Whilst at Southampton who adopted a similar style of play with Pochettino there were concerns over his fitness. With the former captain needing to be substituted around the 70-minute on a regular basis.

No ideas..

Watching Liverpool at times they seemed devoid of ideas midway through the 2nd half. If things weren’t going their way there was often no suitable plan B. Hit it long and hope…not ideal, but seen too often.

But now his energy and power over a longer period of time just highlights the amazing work done by Klopp and his backroom staff.
Does the new head of fitness coach Andreas Kornmayer have major role to play here…?

Liverpool now look so full of energy. Making it count right to the last minute. Now realising that every game actually has 90 mins!! How amazing were the games against Dortmund last season? The 2nd leg at Anfield was a sign of things to come.

Creating, but lacking killer edge..

In a recent interview with Fox Sports, Klopp described the Lallana as his “hunter”.
This is an important role when recycling the ball creating an attack. He has a good awareness for space, rarely looking hurried.

When in full flow, Lallana is a joy to watch. Full of energy, flair, enthusiasm and willingness to try something different.

Very much like the Liverpool team still lacks that cutting, killer edge.

There has been some match-winning moments over the time.
My favourite has to be his stoppage time goal against Norwich City, creating those famous ‘broken glases’ scenes.

Lallana celebrating his goal with his delighted team mates

As a Liverpool fan we want more of these.
I’m not asking for a roller coaster of emotion every week. I’m happy to win simple occasionally. But I’m not convinced that is what Klopp is all about.
This year, 2016, Liverpool have scored more goals than any Premier League team.
Sadly we’ve conceded a fair few too.

Need to work (even) harder…

Liverpool need to work harder. Continuing with that analogy. Lallana ran a massive 12.5 kilometres against Tottenham Hotspur.

Just like Liverpool Lallana showcased his creative prowess at White Hart Lane.
But again, clumsy play set in as Sadio Mane‘s second-half goal was ruled for offside down to Lallana’s position when he played the ball.

There is arguably no Liverpool player who has improved more under Klopp, and it has become clear that the Reds manager is a huge admirer.

Lallana receiving a famous Klopp cuddle..

Klopp loves to create something special. Just as he is turning Lallana into something special he will do our mighty club too. One day at a time. He’s asked for patience.
Watching Lallana play now compared to Rodgers for me is enough of a reason to keep the faith.

The comparison is there.

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  1. Completely agree with what has been said & once the defence improves we should be hard to beat.

  2. Adam is a joy to watch. He never stops. His entertainment is similar to Suarez. In that is instinct is to chase the ball until it hits the netting.

    • Yes…so very true.
      He covers so much of the pitch too..!
      Has that grit determination that Suarez has too.

  3. Lallana has improved. But so has every player on the team improved from week to week. Hendo, Millie, and Winnie showed profound changes since Spurs.

    Milner totally neutralized Mahrez, who I consider LCFC’s key player.

    For me the great indictment of Rodgers is that we didn’t see improvement. The difference is vast!

    • I completely agree, there has been a massive improvement in so many of the players. Our U23 team thrashed Leicester 4-0 today. This highlights our strength in depth.
      Possibly a reason why Klopp didn’t spend as much in the transfer market as we all thought…?
      I’m convinced he’ll turn us into fighters and challenge.
      People are now starting to talk about us a bit more.
      Exciting times..

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