Liverpool welcome a new Anfield

Liverpool FC unveiled today what will be the 6th biggest stadium in England to the press and media. They welcome a new Anfield. A massive summer expansion campaign has seen the large new main stand rise and dominate the local skyline.
Taking Anfield’s capacity from 45,362 to a new confirmed capacity of 54,074.

This takes Anfield to no.6 in the charts thanks to the additional 8,000 seats being added this summer.

Welcome a new Anfield..

Owners John W. Henry and Tom Werner both attended the event. Which also saw Jurgen Klopp and an array of Anfield Legends attend.

Could the extension become the catalyst to a new era at Anfield. Well the owners certainly think so and in having Klopp as the captain they have the right man to steer the ship into battle..

Truly amazing stand…

Now the finer touches..

There has been a massive development over the summer with Anfield transforming in front of our very eyes. The finer touches are just being implemented.

New relocated Eternal Flame Hillsborough Memorial..

The return of the eternal flame memorial to a new garden on the new 96 Avenue.

New 96 Avenue and Paisley Square areas for the fans..

Public areas around Anfield are names Paisley Square and 96 Avenue.

Largest Stadiums in England..

Our National Stadium at Wembley is, and should be the largest. Where is holds 90,000 supporters.

Wembley Stadium – England – 90,000
Old Trafford – Manchester United – 75,653
Emirates Stadium – Arsenal – 60,260
London Stadium – West Ham United – 60,000
Etihad Stadium – Manchester City – 55,097
Anfield – Liverpool – 54,074
St. James’ Park – Newcastle United – 52,338
Stadium of Light – Sunderland – 48,707
Villa Park – Aston Villa – 42,660
Stamford Bridge – Chelsea – 41,798

Points to note..

West Ham Utd’s ground is now the London Stadium. The converted Olympic Stadium, with a capacity of 60,000.

Man City’s Ethiad stadium is the converted Commonwealth games stadium. And due to be converted to over 61,000 shortly.

Tottenham are creating a new 60,000 stadium and Stamford Bridge is being renovated into a £500m 60,000 arena. It won’t be long gone before we won’t be 6th anymore…!!

It seems like most clubs have worked out 60,000 is the sweet spot.
I really hope they complete the Anfield Rd stand and push capacity closer to 61,000 to stay one of the top Stadiums.

The crowd cheering on will be amazing…going to create a superb, unique atmosphere.

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What does Klopp think of it all?

Earlier in the week Klopp had said that the new-look Anfield, with its increased capacity, will give his Liverpool “more power.”

“The day before yesterday was my first time at Anfield since the Chelsea game [in May],” he told reporters on Thursday.

“It’s really impressive. An outstanding job, when you stand in front of it—it’s really amazing.”

“It’s a good place, a good moment, the champions coming.”

“They’re still good, but it’s another season, it’s our first home game, with 8,000 more in the stadium—that’s more power, and we should use this.”

Truly amazing stand…wow.

A new era..

We play our first home game of the season tomorrow evening. Against Premier League champions Leicester City.

I’m sure it’s going to be a frenzy.

A lot of fans and pundits around the world have stated Anfield’s atmosphere is one of the best in the world. One of the many reasons FSG decided to renovate was to keep the history of all those famous European games.

It’s that atmosphere that sets us apart from the ‘new arena’ Stadiums that are being built.

Last year’s noise increased with the additional 8,500 fans is going to be amazing.  Klopp will have to really orchestrate a famous win to mark the occasion.

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