Anfield witnesses Liverpool turning Tigers into Kittens

So there we have it. Game over. What a game it was. I personally thought this game would provide a great insight as to how close Liverpool are to Klopp’s ideology. Chasing, harassing and pressing anyone, but also getting a result! Typically after a good victory or great run of form we always come unstuck against an ‘unfashionable’ side such as Hull. 

Thankfully Liverpool delivered and delivered in style. Thrashing Hull who just simply couldn’t cope with our attacking threats. Liverpool continued on great vein and are an absolute joy to watch at the moment, 2nd only to Man City. 

Barcelona have Messi-Suarez-Neymar we have Sane-Firmino-Coutinho. Boy are they in hot form right now!! We know what happened last time we met – just saying!!

A brace of penalties from Milner, a superb effort from Coutinho, and further quality strikes from Lallana and Mane ensured 100% record at Anfield this season.

Tigers into Kittens

The game started well. It didn’t take long for Liverpool to get into their stride and cintrolling play. Nice play from the right through Mane resulting in Coutinho smashing a shot towards the goal only for Hull’s Elmohamady to play goalkeeper and block the shot. Penalty and Red Card!!

Up steps Milner..who calmly slots it past the keeper. Remember when Milner scores he never loses. So 3pts for us. 

Liverpool are rampant and keep on tearing Hull to pieces. Again, turning the Tigers into Kittens. Who could blame them. I’m convinced the top defences in the Premier League would struggle of the power, pace and sheer power of the forward 6 of Liverpool. 

Hunting in pairs

They were on top form. Every time they lost the ball 2,3 even 4 players would go off searching for it. Surrounding the Hull player. Forcing him into submission. Allowing him to surrender or make a mistake. Klopp’s Chaos Theory.

The way they hunted and recycled the ball so quickly in numbers was reminiscent of yesteryear, when we were successful. Sign of good things to come I hope. 

Mane celebrating Liverpool’s 3rd goal..

Fast interchanging play..

More terrible defending from Hull who seemingly can’t cope with the slick, fast interchanging movement of Liverpool’s attacking quartet. Lallana at the heart of it again, this time providing Mane an opportunity to make it 3-0. He takes a touch then smashes it into the bottom left corner. Again, some amazing play. Truly breathtaking. What a change to 12 months ago. 

Tigers find an opening..

2nd half and Hull start brightly, forcing Wijnaldum into heading into the path of Meyler. Who volleys past Klavan and Karius just realising there’s nothing he could do…

So often whenever we have conceded a goal this often allows the opposition to start a revival. This is something that needed to be looked at and fixed. Thankfully today it was. 

Including the kick off, it only took 9 passes for us to find the back of the net again. Coutinho stepping up to score a wonder goal. Sending a swerving screamer from 25 yards out!! 

Celebrating with Coutinho..

Klopp wants more.

Awesome, yet Klopp and the home fans wanted more. 

It must have been so difficult for Sturridge to watch the game. In previous seasons he’s been the main man. All play went through him. His ‘frustrating’ injuries only highlighted how dependent we had become. 

This season it all looks and feels so different. We have more attacking options. To his credit when he did come on he did adapt to the style and tempo very quickly.  

His 1st touch us always sublime. Giving him an extra yard on a defender. Today that defender was Robertson. Sturridge just glided past him and was tripped…penalty. Step forward Milner. You know what came next. GOAL 5-1. Amazing! 

Victory was ours..

We now sit 4th in the league. Who would have thought that after our 1st 6 games? Let’s enjoy it whilst we can. Hopefully it’ll last!! 

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