Liverpool submit €83m bid for Naby Keita 

The latest news is that ​Liverpool have submitted a new €83m bid to sign RB Leipzig star Naby Keita. This is now actually Liverpool’s 3rd bid and most likely the final one after the previous offers of £57m and £66m have been rejected by the German club.

​There have been reports Naby Keita was today involved in a bust up with his teammates after a terrible tackle in training. You just sensed another bid was imminent.

According to reports earlier Liverpool are ready to wait until next summer to sign Keita for £48m. For RB Leipzig, the issue is that it plays right into the hands of Bayern Munich – as they too will be allowed to purchase for the £48m fee.

If RB Leipzig truly want to compete with them, selling to Liverpool now rather than potentially a rival next season is the only option?!

As we all know Klopp is keen to add Naby Keita and Virgil van Dijk to his squad for the 2017/18 season.

German publication BILD says that Liverpool have in fact made a third bit worth a massive £74m for the midfielder.

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