Liverpool assessing forwards will result in Sturridge sale 

It’s looking highly likely that Daniel Sturridge will be sold this summer after Jurgen Klopp has seemingly run out of patience with the player’s lengthy injury record. News reports suggest the end of the season is the right time to let Sturridge go and bring in more attacking power.

Klopp does recognise that Sturridge can be one of the Premier League’s most potent goalscorers when fully fit. However, that is exactly the issue – when fully fit. Since signing four years ago due to injuries Sturridge has played just 111 games, scoring 59 goals.

Two high-profile targets

There are two high-profile targets that has really interested Klopp – Borussia Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Athletic Bilbao winger Inaki Williams. They would be ambitious targets, particularly Aubameyang, whom Dortmund values at £70 million. The question is would FSG be prepared to spend big this summer to get those world-class players the club deserve?

Both Williams and Aubameyang are the type of forwards ideal for Klopp’s brand of high-pressing, quick-breaking football. They each boast terrific pace, while their experience on the flanks means their movement is more varied and expansive than most strikers.

Of course, Sturridge also possesses all of these same attributes. However it’s wasn’t until he started playing centrally at Liverpool that he became the goalscorer he is today. When fully fit Sturridge has the pace and ability to advance beyond the defensive line. However this has only been in glimpses. Sturridge is a ‘Specialist’ player and this is often why Firmino is chosen oven him. With the almost liquid movement of the from 3, Klopp requires players who play in a multitude of positions.

A move in the summer would seem to suit both club and player. Liverpool lack many options in terms of natural centre-forwards, with Danny Ings also having a history of injury problems, while Divock Origi has struggled for consistency.

Going back to FSG – this is all providing Klopp is backed in the summer market.

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