Could Liverpool one day see Steven Gerrard return?

From the moment that Liverpool’s ‘Living Legend’ Steven Gerrard announced he was leaving Anfield to LA many people have been speculating about a return to Liverpool.

A lot of supporters are bitter about how the Gerrard situation was handled with Rodgers. I’m sure the final nail in the coffin was being left out of the starting eleven when they faced Real Madrid.

Was the dressing room split? There are a lot of stories circulating about when Legends come towards the end of their career managers are starting to look over their shoulders. In fear of their own job. Did Rodgers feel like this? He wouldn’t have been the 1st to if he did.

Could we see a Gerrard return?

He has said he has a good relationship with Jurgen Klopp. But stated on more than one occasion that there is still no offer on the table for him.
Could he work with Klopp or has the club moved on too far since he’s left?

“Jurgen Klopp’s his own man, he’s got his own team of people around him that he’s very happy and content with.”

“Liverpool is in my heart and always will be but there’s nothing to really comment on. There’s no future decision to work with Klopp, I get on very well with him, we’re in contact but there’s no job opportunity there at the moment.”

Amazing scenes…Gerrard a winner

Uncertainty about next season

There is a big uncertainty about what will happen next. He’s not expected to stay with LA Galaxy after the 2016 season had finished.
I’m sure a lot of people are interested in him playing beyond. Possible China…?

“There’s absolutely nothing to say on my future beyond this MLS season. What I can say is the phone’s going, and people are enquiring ‘what is the next move’ and I am chewing over a lot of different things in my head but there’s nothing to announce at the moment.”

Is Gerrard about to receive a Klopp-cuddle?

Of course he’s a fan of Klopp

He is a massive fan of Klopp’s and everything he has achieved so far. I remember when he trained with Liverpool last season he loved it. In fact wishing he could still be playing for the club under Klopp.

Naturally he received a world famous Klopp cuddle…!!

Barcelona seen to have the right way of dealing with it. Pep Guardiola managed Barcelona B in 2007 / 8 and Luis Enrique in 2008 / 11.

Both knew the system. Both understood the club. A club system was implemented and stuck to.

A return to Anfield..?

I would really love Gerrard to return to Anfield. I really think he would be perfect working alongside the coaching staff at the academy.

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He would truly inspire the youngsters as a shining example of who and what you can become.

The legend to inspire a generation…

I hope that whilst he was in the UK Klopp linked him with Alex Inglethorpe. Heading up the academy together would be a great idea.

I’m sure his support would really be of benefit to everyone.
Or is it too late for Liverpool to one day implement a coaching team including Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher? Potentially…?

Although Carragher looks very comfortable carving a media career at the moment!!

I’m sure if there is something on the cards then Gerrard would say. He’s a Liverpool fan at heart.

He has our best interests at heart and will keep us informed. He is and will always be one of us.


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