Liverpool reaping benefits of new coaching drills

Liverpool are now reaping the benefits of manager Jurgen Klopp’s quality coaching drills with special focus on passing, according to midfielder Philippe Coutinho. Having had a superb start to the Premier League, surpassing all expectations are currently third-placed. Liverpool are only four points off Premier League leaders Chelsea and have scored 35 goals in 14 games, the most in the competition so far.

Passing game

Coutinho has recently been talking to Four Four Two magazine. “We work really hard on our passing game, because our manager likes this type of playing style.”

“Something we practise a lot is playing three short passes and then switching the play with a longer pass. We often repeat that routine.”

Clyne and Matip in training recently

Zelijko Buvac has been instrumental in the way Liverpool are set up. He and Jurgen Klopp have tried and tested methods that date back to their times together at Mainz. “One of the reasons we do this is so that the forwards can try to escape their markers and then open up spaces on the pitch very quickly.”

Confidence is key to success

The 24-year-old Brazilian, who has found the net five times this season and supplied as many assists. He has been linked to Barcelona and PSG on numerous occasions this season. He has stated that the new training regime at Melwood has also brought in confidence to the high-flying side.

“Confidence is a huge factor out on the pitch. I think it comes through repeated quality training, which gives you belief in your ability as well as… transfer your work… onto the pitch,” he added.

“Attacking midfielders need to play with happiness. By that I mean dribbling at pace and making things happen. If you repeat that every day, then you will tap into the perfect mental state to be creative.”

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