Liverpool have to question “What next?”

I wonder if Jurgen Klopp come to terms with the result last night? I’m not sure he has yet. Especially how easily Sevilla tore apart the team, effectively putting the final nail on the coffin within 24 mins into the 2nd half. Liverpool have to question “what next…”
It’s almost as if we no longer had a midfield, watching as Liverpool imploded from a lead and a position of superiority to lose 3-1 to Sevilla.

Liverpool had an amazing opportunity of Champions League football next season…but sadly didn’t sieze the opportunity.

Jurgen Klopp was quick to say;

“This team will be a bit different next season, it is clear,” and “we will do something with transfers.”

Liverpool lack mental strength which is clear to see after losing their 2nd final of the season.

Jurgen Klopp to inspire and help club move on.

His personality, along with the history and ambition of the club will help attract players.
Whilst it would be more difficult without Champions League football on offer, he has said he wanted his players mentally strong and willing to play for the club regardless.

I’m sure not being in Europe hasn’t directly influenced who he will target at the end of the season.

Klopp later added in an interview;

“We lost faith in our style of play,” and also, “we changed from passing simple and quick to slow and complicated and lost our formation.”

The truth is they still had another 44minutes to win the game. Klopp would have been shocked and disappointed to see how quickly it affected his players.

Mark Lawrenson:

“If you are in a room with Klopp then I’d think it was hard to say no to him. This summer’s transfer window is going to be the biggest ever in the Premier League in terms of money spent.”

It has also been noted that Sturridge, Firmino and Coutinho are not going anywhere this summer, other than on holiday.

Liverpool question “what next…”

Liverpool need to fix how they protect their defence, too many times have we seen teams tear them to shreds.
This hasn’t changed for years, as was always the issue even when we attacked with Sturridge, Suarez and Sterling.

Sevilla are a very good side….not world beaters….just good. What was apparant was they are a team. They all knew what was expected and they had experience on their side.

Klopp has managed the premier league games with the final in mind.
Liverpool have shown incredible reserves of mental strength in this competition, especially when they scored 3 goals in 20 minutes to beat Borussia Dortmund at Anfield.
The big difference was they had the Anfield crowd behind them.

Yes, the support in Basel was amazing and I’m convinced no one else in Europe could match that…but at Anfield all the players were 10′ tall.

Liverpool lacked a leader on the night. No one to rally the plays and bring them together for a re-focus.
I’m sure Stevie G was just wishing he could have been out there. Games like last night are in his DNA.

Klopp tried everything he could take rally the could in the hope it’d inspire his players, that you have to give him massive amounts of credit for….however it just wasn’t enough….

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