Liverpool were not satisfied with a point at Tottenham

Last season we’d have been happy with a point. But today you got a sense that Liverpool were not satisfied with a point at Tottenham.

Maybe it’s that we now have a bigger expectation of what will become this season. Or that we just didn’t maximise all our opportunities.

This was Liverpool’s 3rd away game this season. Well actually 4th if you count the League Cup win in mid-week.

Perfect time to play Spurs..

Typically Tottenham start off slow in August. Kane, their top scorer never scores in August!!! They were ready for the taking…we had to take our opportunity.

Both teams are set up in a similar way. They like to harass their opponents from the front and through midfield.

Tottenham, as expected started well but it was Liverpool who had the 1st opportunity. Coutinho unmarked just 6 yards out, destined to score, but Vorm denied him with a superb save.

Mignolet gained inspiration from that, denying Eriksen’s free kick.  Spurs continued to threaten through Dele Alli. But still no goal. Matip was pushed and shoved during a corner…penalty, no!! The referee blew his whistle and spoke to them both. You could see that Klopp was raging…storming around on the touchline.

Not satisfied with a point..

Henderson and Lallana did combine well to harrass and close down the Tottenham players. Showing how the high intensity approach can pay off.

Liverpool were finally awarded a penalty. This time it was Lamela who clipped Firmino in the box.

Step forward our ‘left-back’ Vice-Captain James Milner. There was only one outcome…Goal!!!!

All Liverpool fans were happy, especially knowing when Milner scores he never loses. FACT!!

Milner taking his penalty to make it 1-0 to Liverpool..

More of the same…?

In the 2nd half Liverpool continued their assault. They wanted the 2nd goal. Too many times they were soft last season and threw away a lead.
Matip was next, hitting the crossbar from 8 yards.

Next was Mane, who minutes earlier probably should’ve been sent off for what looked like a 2nd yellow. It wasn’t to be…possibly the referee making amends for the earlier penalty appeal. Mane scored….superb ball from Lallana…2-0. But, no….sloppy work meant Lallana was in fact offside when he squared the ball to Mane. Gutted…

Spurs saw their opportunity to strike. Thankfully Mignolet was in good form, denying Lamela and Alderweireld’s header.

However in the 72nd minute Liverpool were punished first some poor defending. Rose arriving unmarked at the far post after Lamela and Eriksen combined well. Goal…

You could argue who was at fault. Mignolet. Liverpool not having a recognised Left-back. Liverpool were not satisfied with a point at Tottenham. We were going to go home again wanting more… We had the opportunity but didn’t take it. How many times did we hear that last season? I’m hoping not many more this season.

Klopp watching calmly as Liverpool play Tottenham..

A time to reflect

Failure to convert our opportunities into goals is something for Klopp and his army of advisors to look at and address quickly.
Would an introduction of Sturridge have made any difference…? I’m not sure.

Like I said at the start. Last season we’d have been happy with a point. High expectation?  Opportunities not taken..!

Either answer…it’s not the 3 points we deserved.

So 4 points from 3 away games.

I’d have predicted that. But after unexpectedly winning against Arsenal, then losing to Burnley it could and possibly should gave been 9.

One thing to take from the game was Joel Matip’s debut. No other player today made more clearances. 10 clearances and 3 interceptions is very good.  Had his header gone in…then it would have been an impressive debut.

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