Are Liverpool going to return to Southampton again?

After the draw this weekend, where Liverpool kept a clean sheet for only the 2nd time this season newspaper reports this morning suggest that they are going to return to Southampton again. We are now linked with January moves for Centre back Virgil van Dijk and Left back Sam McQueen.

Suggestions that ‘Jurgen Klopp looks to strengthen the leaky defence that threatens to derail the Reds’ title challenge, just as it did during the 2013/14 campaign.’

Morning reports

It is suggested by the tabloid report written by the Daily Star that Van Dijk and McQueen are both on the Anfield radar for when the market opens after Christmas, stating that the double bid could cost Liverpool up to £40. If this were to be successful, that would take their spending on Southampton players alone in recent years to over £130m. Players including;  after the previous captures of Saints favourites Rickie Lambert, Adam Lallana, Dejan Lovren, Nathaniel Clyne and most recently Sadio Mane.

Van Dijk is widely recognised as one of the top centre-backs in the Premier League and showed Liverpool his quality first-hand during the 0-0 draw between the clubs at St Mary’s on Saturday. The thought of him partnering Matip is a mouth-watering prospect.

The left-back situation is something that needs to be resolved as I can’t see Milner keeping that spot for all the season. Klopp has been impressed with Moreno’s attitude as well as the Cup cameo role. But, you have to question if McQueen who is a winger turned left-back is the answer?

McQueen in action for Southampton

Klopp pleased with defence

You do have to question how likely this is going to be, especially as Klopp has come out and said that he’s pleased with Liverpool’s defence. Suggesting that the notion of Liverpool’s defence being a weak link offends him. Klopp feel’s the security of his own back four deserved equal recognition.

“We are not weak in defending. If you want to say this, do it – I don’t care. I know we aren’t,” said Klopp.

“Look how we defend, how Dejan (Lovren) and Joel (Matip) defended these counter attacks. I didn’t see much better. There was no counter attack, they were always quick, always there.”

“My favourite situation in the game was when Nathan Redmond or whoever was there and there were four players from Liverpool and one player Southampton.”

Are the issues actually there? 

Joel Matip has now started to look like a great signing. I do wonder why we seemed to snap him up so quickly. On his return to Southampton Lovren showed a very mature, calm attitude. This is something that has been developing over time with Klopp. He is now becoming the centre-back we actually purchased!

Watching the game, Liverpool attacked in numbers, the Southampton defence played well to with-hold the intensity – this is why they claimed more plaudits. Is this a justified reason to go and buy them?

Klopp prefers to build a team – I would expect a left-back to arrive in January. I personally don’t think we’ll be redeeming our vouchers this time!

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  1. Van Dijk was fantastic against LFC. If he consistently plays at such a level there are few better.

    • Looks like Man City are after him at the moment – if we do want him, it will cost us quite a bit now. Although with Europe’s no.1 defence, do we need any new defenders? Gomez is back now too.


  2. I think he is a quality defender.
    Would add a little extra, but I really can’t see Southampton selling to us AGAIN!

    • He is quality – although i’d rather we find a replacement for Coutinho and Mane, going to be tough in the december / new year period.


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