Liverpool earnt £148m from 2016/17 season

After finishing an impressive 4th in the Premier League, the Liverpool money men will be pleased to hear that Klopp’s 1st full season earnt the club £148m. Including money for final league position aswell as television rights.

This is even without a European campaign, where in the 2017/18 Season we will also have the Champions League ticket sales and TV money. 

The £148.1 million in 2016/17 meant they finished the campaign joint-fourth with Tottenham in the overall earnings. Highlighting the importance of being screened regularly on Sky Sports and BT Sport as despite Spurs coming second in the table they earnt the same!! 

Liverpool’s league matches were televised more than any other team, earning them £940,000 every time they were shown live, which was an impressive 29 times out of 38!!

So all the talk of Liverpool spending £150million, or even £200million, this summer really shouldn’t be unexpected. It’s the owners to show the fans that they are backing Klopp to mount a serious title challenge next season. 

We await and see! 

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