Liverpool are actually closer than you think

Liverpool are actually closer than you think. The margins in football are so small. Every single decision that a player makes on the field can be reviewed, analysed and scrutinised.
There were so many times last season where a lapse of concentration resulted in the wrong pass or positioning that meant we didn’t get the 3 points at times we deserved.

Yes there were times we really didn’t deserve anything but some stand out moments where we threw away a lead and ending up losing.

He knows the margins are small

Klopp knows that the 11 he puts on the field to start the campaign in August just need minor tweaks. Not massive wholesale changes that people are expecting. Whether that is a new recruit or additional training to ensure the style of play is consistent and fluid.

During the season there has been an underlying theme, we need a lot of shots to score and we have no issue conceding.

So it’ll be no surprise that we have been after a Goalkeeper, Centre-back, Left-back, Defensive or holding midfield and a high tempo goalscorer.
Basically a new spine!

Klopp sharing a happy moment with assistants..

A change is coming..

Klopp has already addressed the Goalkeeper and Centre-back with the signings of Loris Karius and Joel Matip for combined fees of £4.7m. 

That’s correct, just £4.7m for 2 new players who would potentially strengthen our 1st team.
To me this highlights not only how poor our 1st team actually was. It also demonstrates how well the recruitment team have done, sourcing the right players and no longer paying silly money. Which takes us back to the Americans favourite theme – ‘moneyball’.

With the exception of not winning a European Trophy in May we are in the same position we were when Benetiz took over.
Rather that utilising the Spanish market, Jurgen Klopp will be strengthening the squad with additions from the Bundesliga. Utilising his vast knowledge of the league.

I’m just hoping we find another Alonso soon, it’s been that long now since he left and never replaced.


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