Liverpool should bring Steven Gerrard back home

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard is thought to be in ‘advanced talks’ over a return to Anfield. Stating he has plans to stay in football and get back into the game sooner rather than later when he finally leaves LA Galaxy in January.

Gerrard has made it very clear he wants a real role that will allow him to actively contribute to the future of the club. He doesn’t want a meaningless position handed over on the basis of his name alone.

Perfect role

Should he return the most likely scenario appears to be a position working as part of academy. Working alongside director Alex Inglethorpe’s team of coaching staff.

Could we see a role working alongside Inglethorpe?

This role would be perfect for Gerrard, as it would allow him to pass on all his knowledge and experience to the youngsters at the academy. Players like Trent Alexander-Arnold who is on a mission to follow in the footsteps of his hero Steven Gerrard. “I always used to pretend to be Stevie G when I was playing as a kid as he is a Scouser. Everyone looks up to him.” Can Gerrard coach and support Trent AA? He knows what he went through to go on to become the legend his is.

Options available?

Gerrard has numerous options as both a player and coach, but his contract at the MLS club does’t end until January. This will mean deciding whether to pursue a coaching career, or continue on the pitch for at least six months.

Although he has signed for some media duties with BT Sport, Gerrard doesn’t intend to follow in many Ex-Liverpool players footsteps and become a full-time pundit. So a Monday Night Football double act with Jamie Carragher isn’t looking likely at the moment. Stating should he retire, he would be eager to give something back to the game immediately.

Gerrard wishes for future success at the club

“It’s certainly not the end of me in football terms, I’m going home to spend time with family and decide the best challenge. I’ve got options on the pitch, off the pitch and I’ve got a bit of thinking to do over the next two, three weeks.”

Mark Lawrenson’s views

Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson wants the club to bring legend Steven Gerrard back as a player and coach after his LA Galaxy exit. Telling BBC Sport;

“They will not have to pay him fortunes – they can tell him if they need him he’ll play,”

“The most important thing in all this, though, is that he would not be seen as a threat by Jurgen Klopp if he was on the coaching staff.”

“He would be brilliant to have around the club because he would be in awe of Klopp, so that is just not a worry. I am sure Klopp would love it too – the only effects would be positive.”

Gerrard saying goodbye to the LA Galaxy fans on instagram

“He has already coached Liverpool’s under-16 team for a while in 2015 and really enjoyed it. If you are an under-16 and getting coached by Stevie G, then how good is that?”

Final thoughts

I really hope that this happens. What better honour for Gerrard than to coach the future Liverpool? Create a legacy at the club he so dearly loves.

For me if Klopp gets this right, I say Klopp and not FSG. I truly believe Klopp has enough clout at the club to be able to influence the decision makers.

If Klopp wants this to happen it will. It will also demonstrate clear leadership – Gerrard is a legend, for most managers that’s hard to accept. For leaders, true leaders it just happens naturally.

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