Liverpool are the best team I’ve played against

Jürgen Klopp named a strong side to face Southampton, it was always going to be a tough encounter, Southampton are a tough team to break down, who were really disciplined to know their limitations and when to sit back soaking the pressure applied by Liverpool.

What was a pleasant surprise was to hear that Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg stated;  “Maybe the best team I have ever played against “

Let’s not forget this is a player who has played against the top teams of the Premier League as well as the Bundesliga. Despite all this the Southampton midfielder has named Liverpool as the best side he has ever come up against. 

Southampton defensively were superb on Saturday. Denying the attacking prowess of Coutinho, Firmino and Mane. Some could argue they had an off day as they missed an array of chances. The 21 year old Dane paid the biggest compliment to Klopp and his team. 

“I played in Germany against Bayern Munich and Dortmund, I played against Manchester City in the Champions League, but I must say this is maybe the best team I have ever played against,” he told 

Liverpool’s pace 

Hojbjerg commented on the pace of the game when Liverpool were in possession.

“It’s not only that they move the ball quickly. They also have fast players, and with the ball they are very good one against one.” 

Hojbjerg just stood in awe as his team camped in their own half – trying to deny Liverpool any opportunity to score. 

“It’s unbelievable how they move, how they stand, how they work together – it’s like a symphony.” 

A fantastic result 

Hojbjerg added: “As always, the best is to win, but against a fantastic team like Liverpool you have to realise that a point is a fantastic result.”

“They have a fantastic team and I must say the tempo of the game was unbelievably high.”

It’s amazing to hear how well we are playing. If we continue to be every team’s hardest opposition then in time it will play dividends. 

Teams will over time set up differently, this will mean they start to play to our strengths not theirs. 

The future is bright. YNWA


  1. They just seem to be getting so many positive comments.
    Liverpool are a lot of people’s 2nd team now too.

    • It is really good at the moment – even today there are more pundits commenting about how great Liverpool are at the moment. The victory against Sunderland has proved we can dig deep to force a win.
      Love it that Klopp has now said that teams can no longer park the bus.


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