Last chance for Wenger?

Surely this must be the last season for Wenger before he is moved out or up.
We all know the fans aren’t happy with the lack of success over the past few years.
Seemingly making the Champions League is enough for the board to be happy and keep Arsene in a job.
Is this the sign of a club run by accountants, where the bottom line is all that matters.

The board have just seen Klopp go to Liverpool, Guardiola go to City and Mourinho about to take over United. Who is left?
Who would they go after?

I’m convinced with the infrastructure, stadium and cash reserves they have, all 3 of them would’ve considered Arsenal should it have been an option?

With those 3 teams getting stronger, have Arsenal by doing nothing radical or proactive made it harder for themselves next season?

Only time will tell.
Time may be against them though

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