LA Galaxy have our Liverpool Legend – but only on loan…

As we know MLS have our Liverpool legend with them….but as a Liverpool fan i’d like to say that he is currently on loan to you and we’d like to have him back please when he contract has expired.

End of Anfield career..

Sadly for Liverpool he ended his career in the UK at the end of the 1014/15 season, thankfully for world football he decided to join the MLS and play for LA Galaxy as detailed in the article from the Guardian newspaper.

Regardless of what some people say about Stevie G, he is a living legend…You see, he has scored some amazing goals in his lifetime.

Returning to Anfield

I would really love Gerrard to return to Anfield. I really think he would be perfect working alongside the coaching staff at the academy.

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He would truly inspire the youngsters as a shining example of who and what you can become.

I hope Klopp has linked him with Alex Inglethorpe already. Heading up the academy together would be a great idea. I’m sure his support would really be of benefit to everyone.

Favourite Stevie G moment..

My favourite has to be the goal against Olympiakos. Liverpool had to win, or if they scored had to beat them by 2 clear goals.

Rivaldo scored for Olympiakos in the 26th minute…..disaster!! Then 2 inspiring substitutions by Benitez where both of them scored with minutes made the game 2-1….step up Gerrard.

With just 10 minutes remaining he did what he did best, grab the game by the scruff of the neck and own it.

Receiving the ball from outside the box he…..well we all know what happened next…..Anfield erupted….! Amazing…

Life in the MLS…making his mark in 2016..

In 2015 he did have some great games for LA Galaxy, despite being injured for a bit.

He has professed to liking life in the US as he’s no longer considered a ‘big’ star. LA is full of them.

Unlike in Liverpool, Gerrard can finish his training and go shopping with his family and not be followed by the press. He likes the fact movie stars live nearby as they attract all the attention.

To the US fans out there, enjoy his amazing skills, savour every moment and please look after him till he returns to home .

What’s been your Stevie G highlights? Please leave your comments.




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