Klopp’s reaction after game against Swansea

After a very disappointing afternoon in the office where Jurgen Klopp had to witness one of Liverpool’s worse ever performances since he’s been at Anfield, he had a few interesting points to mention.

What was his reaction to the loss against Swansea City?

“It’s hard to accept. In the first half we created four or five chances which we didn’t take.

“The start of the second half we were poor and then we played brilliantly and scored two. Then we were a bit passive and one player was alone in our box, which is completely senseless.

“The most disappointing moment was the third goal and I can’t explain it as we had so many chances to challenge.

“It’s really difficult to accept at this moment. It is fair Swansea won, no – but was it deserved, yes.”

Speaking to reporters after the game, the German was particularly critical of the defending for the third goal.”

“We weren’t in a defensive mood, it was attack after attack, rolling and rolling and rolling—that’s how the game was in this moment,” he explained.


“The crowd was finally there, and the atmosphere was for winning Liverpool.”

“In this moment, we had enough players around the challenges but nearly nobody in the challenges. That makes no sense. I saw no challenge, actually.

“We were two or three times too passive and, in the end, a free player in our box, that’s a big mistake.

“[It’s] not of one player, for sure not, [there were] a lot of players involved in this situation. But that this is possible against us, that’s really disappointing.”

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  1. We try to pass it in the net,yet our goals came from crosses,we need to get the ball into the forwards quicker,we need to work on our corners too,look at Lucas’s goal v Plymouth,we shud do that more,our ratio of corners to goals is very poor

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