Klopp’s reaction to the 0-0 draw at Anfield 

Sadly it wasn’t as many expected. The romance of the FA Cup, coupled with the joy of watching our youngsters take to the field. Maybe the levels of expectation were too high? 

However, they gave it a good go and are a credit to themselves and the Academy.

Klopp knew he would be criticised if it wasn’t a positive result, taking full blame for a negative outcome is great leadership. However was it a negative result? The kids will probably play again at Plymouth, who at home will be more open.

Match Report against Plymouth

What did Jurgen Klopp think to it all?

On the team being Liverpool’s youngest ever starting XI…

“Was it? With Lucas in?! We didn’t think a second about it, honestly. We made the line-up because the boys deserved it and it looks in training like that. You can then always think, maybe leave this player in and leave that player in, but we had one or two problems in the last few weeks.”

On whether he expected Plymouth to attack more…

“No. I don’t think they could – we had the ball all the time. With your own style, you create a few things in the game which you have to expect but there was more space than it looked like. Those were the moments when we lost the game, if you want, because we could have [done] things differently.”

On whether a different line-up will face Southampton…

“That’s only in a few days. More experience? I have no idea, but probably yes. [It’s] pretty likely.”

On Gomez’s return to action…

“It was wonderful, but I don’t think it was the most difficult game of his whole life! He did well, he is an outstanding talent, no doubt. It was a real job to do, a few physical fights and then afterwards a complete change from a big strong guy and the small and quick boy came on the pitch.”

On Plymouth’s performance…

“It was a very disciplined performance and good. We knew that before. We made the analysis – they are a good side. We played differently [to Plymouth’s other opponents]. It was not for one second an open game. It was a very dominant game from my side, [but] with no real chances. One or two shots, that’s normal the longer the game is. But they did everything they had to do to deserve a rematch. Now we have it, yippee!”

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