Klopp’s reaction to beating Tottenham and thoughts on Sturridge

After successfully beating Tottenham on Tuesday night to book a slot in the quarter finals of the League Cup, Jurgen Klopp praised the contribution of under-pressure forward Daniel Sturridge.
Sturridge continued his great form in the cup this season by scored twice last night.

  • Described his showing as “brilliant”.
  • Sturridge scored a match winning brace.
  • Sturridge has started 4 PL games this season.
  • Reports of being unsettled at the club. 
  • Struggling to adapt to Klopp’s style of play.

Klopp’s thoughts on Sturridge

“It was good, he did what he had to do, and it was brilliant. He could have scored three or four, but it was really good. That’s his real strength and he showed it again.”

Great two goals from Sturridge against Tottenham

“That’s his talent, that’s his strength,” he said, praising the striker’s impact he had on the game.”
“He’s a finisher, he’s a really good striker—no doubt about this. I was never in doubt about him, even when he didn’t score, that’s not in question. We don’t have to discuss quality or anything.”

What Klopp thought of the game

“Parts of the game was what I expected in a positive way, parts of the game I could imagine these things happen sometimes, loss of concentration.”

“But overall summary is very positive. A deserved win, a big number of chances and a wonderful Tottenham goalkeeper. All good, and entertaining for the people.”

Thoughts on the closing minutes of the game;

“Things like this can happen. That’s normal, the other team came up but we had better chances. We deserved the win, and the football was exciting.”

“We created again a wonderful atmosphere, and nobody could leave early because it wasn’t decided.”

On his youngsters

Trent Alexander-Arnold had a great game last night

“[The youngsters] were really good. All of them, Trent had a wonderful start in the game. Ejaria, too. They can play well together, but with all the pressure around, it was really good.”
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