Klopp’s sly dig at Mourinho’s Man United

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has taken a sly dig at Mourinho’s Manchester United. Klopp suggested that Man United could be free from European fixtures by January due to failure in the Europa League.

Klopp was asked if not competing in a European competition would benefit them domestically. He has said before that he thought it didn’t. Insisting top teams need European football, but when they don’t have it they need to take advantage of it.

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What did he say at the Press Conference? Quoted in the Mirror, Klopp said: “I cannot compare. For the last six, seven years I was always travelling through Europe.”

Man United after the loss in Turkey

“You need European football”

“I never thought ‘this is too much’. If you want to be successful, you need European football. Watford didn’t travel last week. They have the same situation.
“We have to show we use the time for training over the whole season, not the first 10 games. Did you ask the same of Antonio Conte? They have the same situation.”

The Red Devils terrible form continued with defeat to Fenerbahce on Thursday.
Although tweets asking what United and Paxo both have in common are hilarious.

Then the killer blow that will only intensity rivalry between the two sets of fans;

“Maybe Manchester United have the same from January onwards?”

Klopp in training with his team

Klopp winning fans

Jurgen Klopp you are a legend. He is winning more fans over by the day. Amazing character not taking the media too seriously. Love it!!
Next up Liverpool face Watford on Sunday. A win will keep them at the top for another week.

Hopefully during the week the defensive team have been putting in extra shifts.

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