Klopp will help Gerrard become Liverpool manager 

Jurgen Klopp says he is ready to do everything he can to help Steven Gerrard realise his dream to become Liverpool manager.

The Ex-Liverpool legend will join Alex Inglethorpe and his team at the Academy coaching and supporting the youngsters, 18 months since he left for LA Galaxy after 17 years as a player.

It’s never been a secret that Gerrard’s long-term goal is to become a manager, so I’m sure that Gerrard will be ecstatic to be told that Klopp will do everything to make it possible.

Whilst Gerrard is only at the beginning of the journey, it certainly will be an exciting one.

And Klopp has revealed he has spoken at length with Gerrard and believes the 36-year-old is in the “perfect” position to learn his trade.

“We had a very good very long talk together,” said the Reds boss. “Probably everybody knows better than I do he is a wonderful guy.”

“For me it was important to know what Steven wants. He said he wants to be a manager in the future. That’s cool.”

Gerrard with Klopp on the training ground

“I said from my side I will do everything I can to help him become the best manger he can be. I’m ready for this. I’d like to do it.”
“We spoke about different things and options, now he is at the Academy that’s great for us. For him it’s perfect.”

“Being a manger is a job you have to learn. When a person like Gerrard – the player he was and more the person he is – is ready to make the step, that’s wonderful news for football, combining the playing experience with all the things you learn.”

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