Klopp warns his players of complacency

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has warned his players they will be dropped from the team should anyone be caught getting complacent with the club’s good form.

Liverpool are in top form at the moment and have surprised many by establishing themselves as genuine title challengers this season. They are currently second in the Premier League, just a single point behind leaders Chelsea. Victory against Sunderland on Saturday will put them back at the summit till the result of Tottenham against Chelsea come in. 

What did Klopp say?

Klopp said: “Yes, there is something I can tell the players from the time we won with Dortmund. Not think too much about it (the title race). That will help.

“If somebody is a character and wants to celebrate [being in] position one in November then he will not play in December anymore, because I see it pretty quick.

“It is better to be in the number one spot one time than never in your life, but it is not really important in this moment. If you then celebrate this and don’t be professional any more, then you have a problem.”

When Klopp looks at recruiting his players key skills and characteristics are very important to him; “These things usually don’t happen. The players are here in this situation because their character is really good – it is a long way to get here.

Liverpool’s next game: Liverpool host Sunderland at Anfield

Klopp has warned his players they will be dropped

“It is not like they are surprised about success whether it is individual or as a team. They had successes of being the best player at Southampton, Schalke, Sunderland or other teams. This is success in itself.”

It’s a long season

Klopp wants his players to remain focused on the job in hand and that there was no need to think too far ahead.
He added: “We are four or five hours a day here. Sometimes longer, sometimes less. They still have a few hours to be influenced, and that is what we have to do.

“It is not too difficult. Nothing has happened until now. There is nothing to think about.

However it doesn’t seem as it will be a shock to the team as he also said; “They know this already — Stay cool, play football and see what happens.”

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