Klopp plans to do transfer business quickly again

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed that he would like the club’s transfer business done as quickly as possible. He would like to act quickly again similar to last season when signing Georginio Wijnaldum from Newcastle and Southampton’s Sadio Mane well before the season began. 

Liverpool have recently been linked with a host of targets, including Brazilian striker Luan. Klopp admitted being in talks with a few targets. When asked about the importance of getting business done early, he replied, as reported by the Echo: “If you ask me as a private person, I would say as soon as possible.”

Transfer stories we have seen so far;

“But I’m long enough in the business to know that’s only kind of a dream. We will see when we are finished, but we will tell you when we are finished.”

“It’s probably really likely that we will have to do a lot of things during our holiday but that’s how it is, maybe in the pre-season, I don’t know. We have to see.”

But we need to get going quickly as there will be a few players to leave the club;

“That depends on who you can get and when. Different things can happen. That’s how it is, and we have to react.” Klopp is also well aware of the ramifications of missing out on Champions League football.

Thankfully someone wont be leaving;

Liverpool need to win both their remaining matches to secure qualification for the Champions League next season, should they fail that then it would affect the quality of players available for us. Should this happen Klopp would really need to sell the ‘Liverpool project’ and the money men would have to pay top dollar – Pogba transfer to Man Utd.

“I would think that the better we finish, maybe the easier it would be,” he admitted. “But it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t work if we can’t go to the Champions League. That’s the situation. Again, like I said, it’s always like this.”

“The world of football is not like this any more that you can find a player nobody else is aware of. ‘We have him and nobody knows about him.’ That’s really, really rare.

“There are always other teams around. We have to go in with different things. One of these is probably the tournaments we play in next year. Three of them are sure, one is not sure. That’s all.”


  1. Hopefully we will get top 4 and be able to buy some more quality players, need to upgrade our defence first!

  2. Strike whilst the iron is hot! Can’t see Sturridge leaving now, especially as he went to Oz! Played well along side Firmino too

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