Team spirit is needed, not big name signings

Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp has recently stated much to some people’s disapproval that team spirit is needed, not big name signings.

It is this rather than ‘big name’ signings that will make us challengers for the Premier League title.
A stance that goes back from the original press conference about turning ‘doubters into believers’.

I can see what he means, especially when you look at the similarities with Wales at Euro’16 and Leicester last season.

I personally feel a title challenge is a bit out of the reach this season and Klopp is building a squad to challenge in the 2017/18 season.

We still need to aim for a Top 4 finish though…! Stepping stones rather than a big leap.

Klopp: “Team spirit is needed, not big name signings”

“Everyone expects big names and a big improvement because of big names and if you don’t know the players it’s like ‘what are we doing? what are they doing? Some clubs have already done a lot but you cannot prove in this moment what’s really right. What you have to do is prepare the new season,” Klopp was quoted as saying by Sky Sports.

“If you want to have proof of the different ways that football can work you only have to look at the European Championships. In the end it showed a lot. There were wonderful examples of what football really is about building a team, creating a bond between the team, supporters and whole countries.”

“At the moment nobody thinks about the good games we played last season or the bad games. They only think Manchester United has taken this player or Manchester City have taken this player and we have taken ‘what is the name?’ and that is it. This moment for us it is about creating and building a team for next year. We have to prove our thoughts about the team works,” he said.

Type of player needed

Klopp is after a type of player who will commit for the Liverpool cause…Someone who’ll die on the pitch to ensure Liverpool move forward. It’s all about playing for the badge not the pay cheque.
“I am 100 per cent happy with the guys we have brought in until now. We didn’t have to convince them that Liverpool is not as bad as everyone says, no,” Klopp said.

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  1. Can we have both!

    But it’s so important to have unity. Everyone working together will make us stronger.

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