What did Klopp say at half-time against Swansea? 

It was a great turnaround. A ground-out victory. An opportunity for Klopp to change things at half time. But what did he say?

Jurgen Klopp said to his side “we’re not ready for the game”. It was down to James Milner to save the day again! A late penalty gave Liverpool a hard-fought victory over Swansea. It was certainly a game of 2 halves, but we ground out a win. Possibly a game we’d have lost last year.

A motivating awe-inspiring team talk I’m sure. Something that proved Klopp is right up there with the best.
Here are some quotes that Klopp has declared he said;

“Very. I said to the boys: ‘I am 49, so I have a lost a lot of football games and unfortunately I will lose a few (more).’ But today makes no sense, because it’s not a day where we should lose a football game, because we could have done so much better in the first half.

“It’s my responsibility that we’re ready for games and today I saw that we weren’t. The body language was not good, the build-up was too static. Swansea did well, that’s important to say, but we were too static – had no movement.

“We knew what they wanted to do, so we knew where the spaces are, but there was a misunderstanding. We were never compact enough for counter-pressing situations, that makes no sense.”

Match winning penalty from Milner

Winning ugly

If you are wanting to win a league you need to win games when you are not playing well. This is something Liverpool haven’t been great at.

Thankfully it’s what the they did in Wales and it could just be a sign that Liverpool are doing something special this season.
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