Klopp speaks out about money being a motivating factor for transfers 

Jurgen Klopp speaks about the money being a motivating factor for transfers. Questioning their character during difficult times if they are only interested in the club due to money.

This has come out after Chelsea’s Brazilian Midfielder, Oscar agreed to join Shanghai SIPG for an estimated £60m. There his is expected he will go on to earn a mind-boggling £400k a week.

Oscar motivated by money

Oscar has been criticised for the move to China. It’s hard not to argue the transfer wasn’t motivated by money. Other than money what else is on offer? A player who wasn’t a regular starter at a Premier League club challenging for the title – who would probably end up playing alongside Europe’s elite next season.

Klopp has gone so far as to question the quality of the football on offer in the Far East and conceded that he cannot understand why anyone would choose to move there.

He said in his press conference (as quoted by the ​Mail): “I have no idea why people make decisions like this. For me, it’s not an option. At the moment it’s not a league where you actually want to play. The only way to bring players there is the money.”

Money brings best players

“But a few clubs in Europe think similar things about England! The money brings the best players.”

You have to wonder how long it will take for China to compete with Europe. Initial thoughts were that Russia would threaten – however despite positive signs nothing materialised.

Oscar agreed to join Shanghai SIPG for an estimated £60m

“If a player decides to go there then usually it is at another part of your career. In all the big European leagues you can earn enough money and that should be enough.”
“We believe that if someone needs to be convinced by money then at one point when you really need character you will not get it.”

The German then went on to discuss how he felt about some of his players being linked with big money moves away from Anfield and suggested that they would be wrong to leave the club, as he believes it is the best place for them to continue their development.

“We want to convince players about the special character of the club. I have rose-tinted glasses but I would say it is the best place to develop.”

“Maybe there are a few clubs in world football who can play better and if you can go there — these few clubs — yeah then do it. But for all the rest this should be the best place to be.”

Good place to develop

“I would say that Liverpool is a really good place to be for a player to develop, to get the best out of your career and all that stuff.”

“The biggest teams in the world didn’t change a lot, they developed together — bring him in and that in and so on. Improve a little bit and then in the end you have a wonderful team.”

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I will be subscribing to your feeds – I love it. Many thanks

  2. This post is great. Thanks!
    PL players have too much money as it is – they shouldn’t be concerned with the extra £m’s the earn as they have such a small career. People judge the player on how much they have won – not £’s. We need more people who think like this. Rather than paying silly money!!

  3. So good to hear him shout about this now. It’s frustrating to see youngsters who have won nothing earn more per week than most of us in 2 years!!

  4. Klopp is building a squad capable of stepping up to challenge the likes of the Manchester clubs – he should only buy players who are committed to working hard and challenging each other!!

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