Klopp has urged media to leave Gerrard alone

Jurgen Klopp has recently urged the media and fans to leave Steven Gerrard alone. Klopp further stressed the importance for Gerrard to develop into a manager at his own pace.

Gerrard officially hung up his boots yesterday and is now expected to take up a role at Liverpool working with the Academy under Alex Inglethorpe.

What did Klopp say?

“Obviously no-one can wait for the moment. If you want to help the legends, leave them alone,” said Klopp in yesterday’s press-conference, cited in the Telegraph.

“Maybe you can help make more England managers in England in the future if they can start working at the beginning and not in the middle or the end.

“In my first few years (coaching) at Mainz if I was training naked no-one would have seen it – I didn’t do that actually. When people accept you will make mistakes it helps.

“We had no-one around and could fight for a little bit without public interest, especially in Mainz. In Manchester it is the same with Giggs. ‘Where will he go next?’ If you want these guys on the bench let them work and don’t handle them as the players they were before. That is a little advice from a very average football player.

“You are not the only country with the problem. From our 1990 World Champions there are not a lot of managers.

“Being a good footballer is not all you need to be a good manager, but it helps!”

With Klopp contracted to Liverpool for at least 2022 he could without realising it be setting up a new boot room dynasty.

The thought of Steven Gerrard lifting the Premier League trophy with Captain Ben Woodburn in 2026 is a mouth-watering prospect. One that could happen.

I just hope that should it does, over the next 10 years before it happens Klopp wins us a few titles.

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