Klopp insists his players must enjoy the responsibilities

Jurgen Klopp has told his players to enjoy the responsibilities that come with representing a club the size of Liverpool.

  • Liverpool FC is the biggest family in the world. 
  • Most successful in English history. 
  • So many successful players.
  • Important European nights.
  • Famous ‘This is Anfield sign’.

Putting on the red shirt is something any Liverpool player should be proud of. Wearing the shirt brings great responsibility. 

Klopp has always said that he wants his players to play with a smile on their faces – playing attacking football should be fun after all.

“For the players and for me, it’s a big honour working for this club and a big pleasure playing in this stadium where all these fantastic guys from the past celebrated their performances, their games and their victories.”

Amazing scenes – celebrating another goal

“We know about the responsibility, but we should enjoy it.”
When asked about how he had turned things around at Liverpool.

“It’s not that you have to explain, ‘look, here is the development… and here is the development’ – everybody has to see it in the first second.”

“That’s what we’re doing and what we’ve done until now. Of course, for this you need time, you need time to know each other, to learn about each other, to know why you do what – always in life that is important, but especially in football.”

It’s a work in progress. But the signs are positive and there for all to see.

“There’s been a lot and we’ve made a good way up to now.

“It’s a results game, but I think it’s important people enjoy our games. Sometimes, the hard work needs to look easier and for this we work really hard.”

“Everybody can see that we’ve worked together – not just once and met each other in the car park and said, ‘come on, today’s a game’. It’s my responsibility, it’s what I like to do, the boys like doing what they do, and until now it’s worked quite well.”


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