Jurgen Klopp has ‘no idea’ on how to win Premier League 

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has now said that he has ‘no idea’ how to win the Premier League title.

To say that Liverpool have had a good start to the season is an understatement. When the fixture list came out before pre-season it was fair to say that amongst the challenging pack Liverpool’s start was the hardest. Compounded by the fact that the 1st 3 games were away from home. “Unfortunately, we only have difficult away games. It’s much nicer to play at Anfield but when you’re on the pitch, it’s no difference.”

The Reds recent success on the road was victory at Selhurst Park – beating Crystal Palace 4-2. Unbeaten in London this season.

The win takes Liverpool to 3rd. Only 3rd on goal-difference as the top 3 all have 23 points.

Liverpool’s attacking trio are working so well for each other this season

Development required

“We know that’s what we had to develop,” Klopp said, as quoted in The Mirror. “You know that was a big thing that people spoke about last year, when we encounter a kind of counter-attacking team.”
Klopp is known for his counter-attacking football. High energy, pressing football. This season the manner of how the victory came has impressed Klopp the most. Last year struggling against the teams that would sit deep, or those that counter-attacked Liverpool. This year it’s different, with superb performances against the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea aswell as teams we’ve struggled to break down like West Brom and Crystal Palace.

“We bring a lot of people with us, I don’t know how many it was today, but it was quite fully booked there. So that’s not too important, but of course.”

Matip making it 3-2 against Crystal Palace

“No idea how to win title”

Klopp went on to say that despite his side’s high league position, he still has ‘no idea’ how to win the title. “I have no idea, it’s my first proper season in the Premier League, I have no idea what to do to win the Premier League.”

The win against Crystal Palace is a major boost to Liverpool’s title-credentials. Bookies installed them 2nd favourites behind Guardiola’s Man City. Like Liverpool managers of the past Klopp insists that his side must take one game at a time. “It was never decided at the end of October. We feel good at the moment, that’s all.”

Regardless what people say about the Premier League demands, Klopp is realistic: “I cannot stand here and say ‘yes but he has to put a finger in’ because as a person I’m completely different, I don’t expect perfect, perfect games.”

Will we see more scenes like this tonight?
Will we see more scenes like this?

No complacency

Signs that complacency won’t set in at the club. “I like it, we win 5-0 one time, even then you can stand here and say you’re happy in this moment. Unfortunately, I’m not like this. We know we have to improve and develop, but it’s all good.  4-2 – if you ask me before the game, I buy it, after the game, I still buy it. All good.”

The blueprint for success is there. Whilst Klopp says he doesn’t know how to win the Premier League in don’t think that matters. “Everything needs time, the boys are really skilled so we need to play football, we cannot only shoot and run in this direction so that’s our responsibility.”

What matters is that Klopp is a winner. He has that winning mentality and it’s now in the players DNA. Get that right and you’re half way there.

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  1. Every word Klopp utters has a purpose. He corrals our thinking and gives it proper perspective and focus toward the end product. Remarkable display of leadership focus and thought discipline.

    At once he gives players freedom of expression and a structure in which teamwork is the first priority.

    We are being schooled by a master.

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